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Vagabon’s INFINITE WORLDS: a stunning new voice

Laetitia Tamko has arrived. That’s the main takeaway from indie rock band Vagabon’s tightly-focused and versatile debut album Infinite Worlds, where the multitalented Tamko provides lead vocals and chips in on guitar, bass, drums, and synth. We’ve come face to face (ear to mouth?) with the next great musical polymath, one who seems capable of… Continue reading Vagabon’s INFINITE WORLDS: a stunning new voice

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CREED, an old-school pioneer

Creed begins where studio pictures never take us, a juvenile detention center where young black boys – children, barely topping four feet – are led down a hallway single file by guards demonstrating a caution more befitting a column of armed adult felons. These boys shuffle along, heads bowed, and you can imagine this picture’s negative,… Continue reading CREED, an old-school pioneer